Parkinson's Disease

Nathan Ward.

Training regimen
Black belt in traditional Tang Soo Do and is currently an assistant instructor for a well respected martial arts school. He also attends 3 Train 2 Train workshops a week through Motorvation. 
Movement history
Played baseball throughout his entire life. Played basketball during middle school and football during high-school. Coached kids in baseball, soccer, and running. Avid runner! 
  • Connecting his hands with his feet
  • Working memory processing speed and capacity
  • Smooth transitions into different motor programs
  • Extending past arms length with his right arm (cross) 

  • Improve multi-limb coordination
  • Learn complex martial arts sequences quickly
  • String together complete thoughts and reduce tip of tongue syndrome
  • Become more dynamic with martial arts- Better pattern prediction
  • Increase power in his cross punch during martial arts practice and sparring sessions

  • Sound cues and verbal cues that connect the hands with the feet
  • Create a verbal sequence that is replayed on a loop. Go through tempo transformations
  • MindGames training
  • Modulate effort through changes in sound
  • Internal cueing on the opposite side of the body to facilitate more axial rotation

  • Increased his sparring and took 3rd place at the National Martial Arts Competition in Pittsburg in May 2022 (all ages, all skill levels, and all martial arts) 
  • More flexibly adaptable at very long sequenced combinations that continuously transition and change format
  • MindGame instructor who teaches chunking and storytelling to improve working memory capacity and speed
  • Improved performance during sparring and competition
  • Threw more punches than any other competitor in the national competition. Even got some points against him for landing too many shots to the head :) 

Video documentation

Building the base. Learning different angles at the arms. Using sound. 
Using sound to increase the height of the kick 
Nathan Ward.