Adopting a training mindset requires you to be open to learning, to practice, and to play. We will work together to find ways to unlock your potential, break free of the Parkinson's cage that confines you, and rediscover your inner athlete.
Newly diagnosed

Getting a head start on managing your disease with skilled movement is vital after first receiving a diagnosis. I am a plethora of information about Parkinson’s disease and I have worked with many individuals at the beginning of their journey of learning to live well. You will have much more success with tackling stiffness, slowness, and brain fog if you train with me when your cognitive abilities aren’t impaired and you are able to process, perform, and retain the Motorvation system. There is no plateauing in my training so you can continue to raise the bar and stay ahead of your disease trajectory.

Not newly diagnosed

Postural instability gait disturbance “PIGD” is a more progressed disease state with a higher fall risk. Much of my work has been with people who have postural abnormalities, shuffling gait, freezing of gait, decreased arm swing, and those at a higher risk for falling. The Motorvation system was made for these types of hypokinetic motor presentations. You will learn better pelvic control, how to transfer weight and counteract momentum, you will regain symmetry with your body, and indirectly reduce pain. We will also focus on cognition while addressing the psychological component to action.

Fear of Falling

Parkinson’s disease causes the highest risk of falling among all neurological conditions. You may have a fear of falling although you have never experienced a serious fall, but this fear is leading to isolation and a reduction in doing the activities you love. Oftentimes, this fear stems from a lack in understanding body mechanics, motor control, and the many ways Parkinson’s disease disrupts these functions. Or you may have a fear following a recent fall. Together we will figure out what caused or is causing the falls and how to overcome those situations. My approach doesn’t involve removing all of the throw rugs, instead it involves retraining the brain to increase reactive stepping, smooth gait transitions, and increased awareness of where the body is in space.

we can help.

If you are ready to implement an action plan to build a life of movement, rediscover your inner athlete, and age successfully.


For people with Parkinson's who are working as fitness professionals who want to enhance their understanding of Parkinson's Disease, Motor control, Mortorvation's Methodologies, and improving the deliverance of their program to a highly variable population.